Short Curtain Rods

Many a time, when decorating their houses, people usually find it difficult to find curtain rods for small windows. When rods are much shorter than the standard size, it may not be easy to find one that is tailored suit to the size of your window.

However, even though it may demand some shopping around there are decoration retailers and online sites that offer short curtain rods you can use. It is also advisable to check if the standard curtain rod cannot be adapted to fit your window. Perhaps, a designer or decorator can help you adjust a normal curtain rod until it has the measure you need.

Short curtain rods allow you to dress those small windows with nice curtains that can really live up a room. Small windows are usually not very easy to decorate and, many a time they look on to not very nice areas so dressing them up with a pair of well designed, lively curtains can make a real, evident difference. You can usually find small windows in attics that can be easily turn to play rooms and in old houses.

If you need very short curtain rods, perhaps you can make them yourself. You will only need a pipe or wooden cane that you can drill securely on to the wall to hang the curtains from. As long as you have all the necessary elements and tools, which you can easily buy at a hardware store, you can install short curtain rods yourself.

Another good idea is to shop around for short custom rods. They may be a little more expensive than custom rods of average size but then you can take for granted that you will have a perfectly suited rod for your curtains.