Custom Shower Curtain Rods

Shopping around for the best custom curtain rods for the showers is more difficult than what it seems at first sight. There are different models of shower curtain rods available in the market and, therefore, it can be quite tricky to make an immediate purchase decision. This is the main reason why many people usually opt for custom shower curtain rods.

There are many things to consider before you pick up which shower curtain rods is most suitable for you. If you do not mind putting holes in your walls or tile, then you could go for a curtain rod that requires mounting brackets and screws to secure it. Brushed Nickel Shower Rods that come with the mounting brackets and screws are usually installed in higher end showers and tend to look a little more ‘finished’. There is a disadvantage to having a fixed rod installed in your bathroom: it may be really difficult to change the curtain whether because you grew tired of it or because it needs to be changed.

If you’re not sure if you want to keep the same shower curtain rod in your bathroom forever, or if you are not the house owner, then you can always buy a removable shower rod. They are really easy to install and uninstall because they don’t require any screws or brackets. The removable shower curtain rod uses the same engineering as the tension pole shower caddy, all you have to do is position the rod into place and ratchet it until it tightens between your shower walls.

Custom shower curtain rods, on the other hand, are tailored suit for your bathroom style and needs. You can design it even almost to detail so that it keeps up with even the least of your preferences. Opting for custom shower rods allows you to choose the curtain color and design you wish and, thus, it is less likely that you get bored of it sooner.

Having shower curtain rods custom made also allows you to choose the fabric of your curtain. It can be made of plastic or made of cloth and be protected by a plastic covering. Another advantage of made to order shower curtain rods is that you can be sure that they will fit the space you have in your bathroom.